When and where to do yoga? Decision for Yogasthan

You know we don't know about yoga in general because nowadays on every TV channel there are yogis of different fathers who come. And we adopt that. There is no benefit from that and we separate the mind from yoga. Let's say this yoga is not going to do anything. But this is not really the case.

First of all, we are wrong. Because we never knew about yoga. Instead, we ran after yoga. It is because we run after yoga that we do not benefit. Because we have learned yoga. Thousands of years ago, India was the glory of the year.

Some of us may do yoga in the morning like simple exercises, Kapal Bhati, Pranayama, Surya Namaskar. Which was in the Yoga India year. People here did not understand the importance of yoga, which is why this yoga migrated abroad and now it has come to us as 'yoga'. Our mentality, our ego is such that we feel more proud than yoga.

Is yoga just not moving the limbs around? Is it yoga to get up and down, stretch your arms and legs, break your back, twist your hips, pull your breath out, do more showy?

No, no. Such action has become or has been, a means of showing our splendor. Those who are poor, middle-class people do not have time to do so. But those who are wealthy, they are rich, they wear morning clothes, shoes, earphones in their ears, tablets in their hands and ran. Flexible, he reached the green meadow, reached the stadium, sat down for a while, fluttered his wings, and returned shaking his hand.

Is this yoga? No, this is not the yoga we have been doing. This is called physical exercise, not yoga.

What is the meaning of yoga? The union of two objects or two streams or two is really yoga. If two lovers meet, that is yoga. If you meet a devotee of God, that is yoga. If there is a harmonious union of master and disciple, that is yoga. Yoga is the art of becoming Shiva from a corpse. Yoga is the process of awakening the serpent-like Kundalini power in the Muladhara and making it reunite with Shiva in the Sahasrara, which we call Sahasrara Jagran.

Just as a snake that does not bite a snake touches the head of a snake, then the snake spreads its wings and lifts its head. How to pick up a snake located at the base? How to touch it? Which stick can hit him? What is the solution? Yes, the same remedy is breathing (pranayama).

When the touch of our breath touches it, it starts lifting its fangs and awakening various chakras to meet Shiva in Sahasrara. Shiva and Shakti meet. That is yoga. Yoga is like a disciple who sees only the Guru in his heart and sees his reflection in the Guru's eyes.

The many yoga asanas, pranayamas, exercises, and actions performed to awaken the Kundalini in the Muladhara are not only called yoga.

Yoga also has different paths or distinctions like Dhyana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Hatha Yoga (which is later referred to as Raja Yoga). Which are made with special circumstances in mind. Whatever the path of yoga, but overall the goal of all is to give the person the goal, the achievement through yoga. Kaivalya is to establish the soul in the position.

So where to do yoga? At what time First of all, a clean environment is a right place for yoga. Because 72,000 Pulse are purified through the same breath that goes in, but if the inhaled air itself is polluted, what can that air clean?

Does dirty water clean clothes? So, first of all, there should be a clean environment. Where cool winds blow, grasslands, riverbanks, roofs of houses, etc. around the forest are suitable.

Even if the sun can be seen clearly, if you can face the sun while doing yoga, the best of the best will be the best.

श्वेताश्वेतरोपनिषद् यस सम्बन्धमा भन्छः–

समे शुचौ शर्करा वह्निबालुका
विवर्जिते शब्दजलाश्रयादिभिः ।
मनोऽनुकुले न त चक्षुपीडने
गुहा निवाताश्रयणे प्रयोजयेत् ।। (श्वेताश्वेतरोपनिषद अ.२, मन्त्र न १०)

Where there is a flat place, there is a holy place, there is no fire and sand and there is no word, water, and shelter, it is suitable for the mind, where there is no object or person that hurts the eye, yoga should be practiced.

The mind should be put in such a cave. You have to meditate in such a place. That is, a place where there is no ruggedness, no height, no sanctity, no sanctity, no sugar, fire, and no sand, the stone with small beaks is called sugar here and its dust is called sand.

So if the places mentioned above do not match, you can do it in your own room. Yogasanas should be done by keeping the windows and curtains open and allowing light to circulate.

Brahma muhurta is considered to be the best for yoga, meditation, or any other activity. 15-30 minutes before sunrise, a kind of life force, energy, which can give us energy throughout the day, is pervading the atmosphere. Which we open the closed doors closed by yoga asanas and through breathing we fill that vitality in the pores of the body, filling it, which gives us freshness throughout the day.

So the time of Brahmamuhurta in the morning and the time of sunrise and the time of sunset in the evening, when the sun touches the horizon and looks at the world for the last time of the day.

Nowadays it is considered best to do yoga when the sun's rays want to enter the fire. Remember that simple exercises can be done by reading, but yoga, pranayama, etc. should be done only by learning, in consultation with a qualified yoga teacher, rather than by reading. Through yoga, disease, roots, and premature death can be conquered. So let's do yoga and stay healthy.


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